"In the beginning there was noise, from noise began rhythm, and from rhythm began everything."

Mickey Hart, drummer, 'Grateful Dead.'
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Big Bang Music Testimonials

“After your workshop I checked out that Bob Dylan guy and lead belly, I found myself really listening to what they were singing about since then I have found some other really cool stuff on youtube, sorry for saying that music from the past sounds like old farts, I really enjoyed the workshop.”

Eddy Denby 18

“Thank you so much for introducing me to Stax and Motown music, there is just so much amazing music from that time, I feel inspired.”

Laura Ross (singer), 14

“The Big Bang workshop made me feel really good about how I felt about music, my friends think I'm weird because I like my parents' records, It turns out I have great eclectic taste in music old and new. Big Bang music Rocks”

“I didn't feel shy at all when I was on the drums,everybody just seemed to be together enjoying music, I think I would really like to try DJ-ing again that was a lot of fun.”

Sarah Walker, 16