"In the beginning there was noise, from noise began rhythm, and from rhythm began everything."

Mickey Hart, drummer, 'Grateful Dead.'
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Big Bang Music Programmes

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A workshop entails hands-on experience on a range of percussion instruments, and a chance to have a go on the Decks (DJing) and rifle through a range of albums. While the emphasis is on fun and getting involved, we always have the foundation of appreciating the place of music in history and global culture.


Workshops targeted to your needs
60-90 minutes for groups of 8-15
Half or full day to cater to groups of 15-40


Boosts IQ & Learning Ability
Raises Self Esteem
Instils Discipline
Sparks Curiosity
Brings People Together
Relieves Stress


To Be Fun & Inspiring
To Nurture Creativity
To Celebrate Self Expression
To Plant Seeds for Future Learning/desire for knowledge
To Raise Understanding of Music, Culture, History and Personal Identity
To offer an alternative to reality TV and X factor type culture

We will look at music and songs through a short ten-minute film collage. This covers the centuries before rock n roll (1500-1800) then the beginning of today's popular music sounds from 1900 through to 1950, the 60s, 70s, and 80s, until the present. Children are consistently amazed - and interested - to discover that songs and old classics provide the meat and inspiration, and are often sampled and covered for today's pop market. The question is asked, what is original and what is not? Why is today's pop world dependent on the past?

Hands On - It's Your Turn: Following this we get down to the fun and noise. We begin with the groove robbers drum workshop, incorporating rhythms from past and present to make a fresh rhythm for the future, as the group experiences it.

  1. A great group ice-breaker which always gets a great result as a shake-up wake-up.
  2. Encourages teamwork and dynamic through polyrhythmic pieces; grooves or beats.
  3. People are invited to get up and have a go at Mc'ing or playing on the turntables.
  4. There will be also the option of a fifteen minute lyric writing session ("express yourself") covering a huge area of subject matter. This is dependent on the group and workshop relevance. The group then gets up individually or as a whole and then perform through rap-sing, or Mc-ing their rhymes, poetry or lyrics.


Prices start at £150. Please call 07875 679624 to discuss your requirements.