"In the beginning there was noise, from noise began rhythm, and from rhythm began everything."

Mickey Hart, drummer, 'Grateful Dead.'
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About Big Bang Music

Kevin Sharkey

I was born in the early seventies in Derry, Northern Ireland. Growing up in Northern Ireland during ‘the troubles’ was an interesting experience, to say the least. One day while I was avoiding school to escape a nasty bullying campaign, I found myself too close to a bomb blast; this day ultimately changed my life.

I’ve been playing professionally since 1990, with an eclectic mix of bands, in gigs, recording projects and tours, through workshops, and in private sessions. The list includes:-

Different Drums of Ireland The Undertones
The Riverdance Company Groove Armada
Thom Yorke (Radiohead) Emmylou Harris
Steve Earle
Declan McManus (Elvis Costello). James Galway
Phil Coulter

I have also performed at the White House, Washington DC.

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Big Bang Music Heritage

Throughout the world, music has held the key for many people’s positive journey through life. It has helped them express themselves, discuss important issues, move through troubling times, and make connections between culturally or politically separate communities. Big Bang draws its inspiration from this, and from its founder’s personal experience as a young person, and as a workshop leader in Northern Ireland bringing children from different communities together. Music makes a difference. Just one morning with Big Bang can make a lasting impact on a person’s sense of direction and self-belief.

Big Bang Music Features

These unique music workshops combine hands-on drumming, percussion and DJ-ing with an exploration of the history and cultural evolution of music. Hands-on and experimental: learning through hearing, seeing, doing. It’s education wrapped up as fun.

Participation and active encouragement to ask questions about instruments, music styles, choices and musical development naturally fuels an investigation into the history and origin of music, alongside first-hand experience of how strongly rooted the past ‘old’ tunes, beats and styles are, in today’s musical culture.

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Big Bang Music Benefits

Learning to play an instrument is not an end in itself: being part of a team assists a person to explore their identity and their prejudices, and opens up windows of learning towards further understanding of themselves, their environment and future possibilities. The history of music is interlinked with the geography, psychology and philosophy of the culture from where it originates. A Big Bang workshop also helps people to explore the question: Why is music so important to mankind?

Big Bang Music Objectives

To promote and encourage a desire for knowledge – beginning with music and extending to culture, history and political issues. Why is music so important to mankind?